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Cleaner Cabs

We all want cleaner Cabs,
and you can help.

If you take a ride in one of our cabs, and you notice it could use a little spiff up, please let us know by filling out the simple contact form below. Your contact information will not be shared with our drivers. Please make sure to report the Cab number, it’s posted in & outside the Cab. Thank you for reporting a Cab that need cleaning or seat repair.

Please fill out the entire form...




Main Office Address

2901 South 128th Street, Tukwila WA 98168


24 Hour Taxi Dispatch

Seattle (206) 622-6500
Eastside (425) 455-4999
S King County (253) 872-5600


Administrative Offices

Main : 206-343-4360
Fax : 206-378-3511
General Manager : 206 343-4361
Accounts Receivable : 206-343-4362
Driver Superintendent : 206-343-4381

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