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Seattle Yellow Cab announces a cleaner Taxi program

Seattle Yellow Cab announces a cleaner Taxi program

“We’re deep cleaning every last one of them,“ said Amin Shifow, General Manager of Seattle Yellow Cab. “We listened and our passengers told us our Taxis could be cleaner. Along with all the emphasis on our new technology, we want people to know we’re not overlooking the basics.”

In addition to asking their drivers to be more vigilant, Seattle Yellow Cab has added a new form to their website contact page that lets passengers report any Taxi that needs attention. “Tell us whatever you observe, and we’ll get on it. We want to make it easy to report anything that’s less than satisfactory,” said Shifow.

So how do you deep clean the interior of 560 Taxis? “One at a time and up to twenty every week,” said Shifow. “We’ve been at it for several weeks now so passengers may already notice a difference. We repair upholstery or replace seats and do whatever it takes.”

“Some months we carry over 300,000 passengers, so it’s a big job to keep them clean,” said Shifow. “We’re thinking this is going to be one of those things where we’ll have to start over, as soon as we finish.”

Watch how they clean a taxi in just 34 seconds below.


Seattle Yellow Cab operates a fleet of 560 Taxis in the Seattle area and enjoys a contract to provide a hybrid fleet specifically for SeaTac airport with both sedans and 8 to 10 passenger vans. Taxis are available at Taxi Stands on the third floor of the parking garage 24/7/365. The new SYC app uses regular taxis fares without a booking fee, surcharges or surge pricing.

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